Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more from the MFJQ

Since my last post on the subject, I've played 3 more shows at Muse Music and one more at FroYo with the Mathieu Foley Jazz Quintet.  The Muse shows went alright, but the FroYo gigs have an energy that's unlike any other venue at which I've ever played jazz.  Maybe this is how all the heavy-hitter jazz musicians feel when they go and play for people who actually enjoy jazz, hahaha.

But seriously, even though we usually make less money there than at Muse (due to the fact that at FroYo we only play for tips), playing at FroYo is usually more fun for both us and the audience members.  Everybody is always hootin' and hollerin' and last time we played there, people were even dancing!  People seem to pay attention and to cheer at the parts they like (as one is supposed to at a jazz show), and at the same time, they're talking, laughing and getting to know one another.  It's great.  I'd say that it's about 50% of it to our playing, and 50% the venue. 

We have another show at FroYo this Friday.  I'm so freaking excited.  In addition to a ton of other tunes, we're going to be playing an arrangement I did of "Someday My Prince Will Come" in 5/4. I was surprised at how nicely the phrasing turned out in the odd time signature.

I hope those of you who live nearby can make it out.  It's at FroYo (in the Albertsons parking lot, across University Parkway from Movies 8, right next door to Las Tarascas) and we'll be playing from 8-11pm.  Come and go as your schedule permits!

[We now also have a Facebook group for the MFJQ and a Facebook event for this show.]

It is also my sad duty to inform you that A Band Called Riley no longer exists, thus making the MFJQ my main gig.  The lead singer, Travis, is moving to England at the end of the summer and the bassists is taking 17 credits of English.  To be fair, I'm taking 17.5 credits of Music (11 classes), but the decision was made before I was consulted, and - funnily enough - I heard about it second-hand from the rhythm guitarist's roommate. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!