Wednesday, March 4, 2009

jazz brings out the worst in my face

I've been playing with the MFJQ for a while now, and I've realized something that's gotten worse with age: my drumming grimace.  I mean, I'm straight-up butt-ugly when I play drums in general, but especially when I play jazz.  There's something about improvizing and paying attention to what other players are doing that gives me the ol' bitter beer face.  I mean look at this one from last night's gig:

Yikes. I look like some sort of grumpy polemarch or something. It's sad to say that in the last year, this is the most flattering picture taken of me while playing the drums:

Hey, at least the drums look cool, right?


  1. Your Drummer Face condition is not unique.. Please proceed to the following evidences:

    Even Ringo..

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The Buddy Rich one is my fav. He always had his lip hanging out like that.